Regional Teaching Courses  
  Lviv, Ukraine 2011
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About this Regional Teaching Course

Report of the RTC EFNS
Lviv (Ukraine) June 16-18, 2011

For the first time an EFNS Regional Teaching Course took place in Lviv. We, the organizing committee want to express our appreciation for the great help of the EFNS staff with the preparation of our EFNS RTC, especially Elisabeth Müller and Julia Mayer. We are also very thankful to Professor Detlef Kömpf who gave us his kind supervision and supported us during all our work. In addition, we are grateful to Liliya Zvyagina for local help in the organization of the RTC.

Participation of 220 students from Ukraine and neighboring countries and 8 speakers was planned. We managed to welcome an even larger number of participants. Among 268 attendees, 10 came from Moldova, 1 from Lithuania and 257 from 40 cities within Ukraine. We arranged for a larger lecture hall to make the performance of the lectures more comfortable for both, participants and lectors. However, we had no additional financial ability to rent another 2 small rooms for workshops.

In total we had 12 speakers, of which eight lecturers were covered by planned RTC EFNS budget. The three local speakers, as well as the representative of the European Association of Young Neurologist and Trainees (EAYNT) was supported by local funding.

Our RTC also maintained the structure of plenary lectures in the morning followed by workshops in the afternoon. The morning session of the first day was dedicated to movement disorders. The lectures of the first day were carried out by Prof. Jacob van Hilten (the Netherlands), Ass. Prof. Tatyana Slobodin (Ukraine), Dr. Alfonso Fasano (Italy), Prof. Kailash Bhatia (United Kingdom). The second day focused on stroke. The main topics were presented by Prof. Tamara Mischenko (Ukraine), Prof. Laszlo Csiba (Hungary), Prof. Jacques de Reuck (Belgium), Prof. Natan Bornstein (Israel). The third day was organized as free topic day. During this day lectures by Prof. Vladymyr Shevaga (Ukraine), Prof. Detlef Kömpf (Germany) and Prof. Hermann Stefan (Germany) were presented.

All participants appreciated the RTC EFNS scientific level and practical value of lectures, as well as the presentations performed by the speakers. Participants noted the usefulness of EFNS flyers, with the announcement of upcoming conferences, which we handed out with the RTC education material. The special abstract book “KEY NEUROLOGICAL QUESTIONS” was appreciated by most participants.

Information on EFNS RTC performance was covered on local TV-news. Professor Detlef Kömpf gave an interview to local journalists on main aims of such EFNS Regional Teaching courses and the perspectives of future collaboration especially for young neurologists.

Since scoring the RTC exam is not obligatory for Ukrainian doctors (professional attestation considers only certificate of participation), only 127 participants took part in the final RTC exam. 61.42 % of participants successfully passed the exam. Average score of correct answers to 50 questions was 31.48 ± 0.45. The lowest score was 16, the highest - 41. Probably, the results of the exam were also influenced by the difference between approved medicinal preparations in Ukraine and those used in Europe as well as a different approach to the diagnosis of the neurologic diseases.

The cultural program included a visit to Lviv National Opera and a Gala dinner at which participants could communicate with each other in a friendly warm atmosphere outside the lecture halls.
All participating doctors were grateful for such valuable educative event and noted extreme need and usefulness of this type of training, as well as hopes for further meetings with lecturers of EFNS.

Anzhelika Payenok, MD, PhD,
Associate Professor,
Chief of the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery
Lviv National Medical University,
Chairperson of the RTC EFNS in Lviv (Ukraine).