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  Odessa, Ukraine 2010
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About this Regional Teaching Course

October 7- 9, 2010

The third EFNS Teaching Course in Odessa / Ukraine took place on October 7-9, 2010.
About 350 participants from all parts of Ukraine and the neighboring countries (Russia, Moldova, Pridnestrovie, Georgia) attended the Teaching Course.

The first day was dedicated to problems of evaluation of patients with MD. Participants were acquainted with details of treatment of PD, essential tremor, tics, etc. Professors Alfredo Berardelli (Italy) and Mark Edwards (UK) gave excellent talks that were accompanied by slide presentations.
During the second day, Professor Detlef Kömpf (Germany) revealed the value of Oculomotor syndromes in stroke diagnosis; while Professor Jacques de Reuck (Belgium) discussed lacunar strokes and leuсoaraiosis, and particularities of treatment;
Professor Didier Leys (France) talked about the actual stage of acute cerebral ischemia, management of a stroke unit and treatment approaches;
Professor Vida Demarin (Croatia) gave attention to the question of prophylactic measures of vascular cognitive dysfunctions.
Different therapeutic ways and organisation procedures were discussed together with Ukrainian professors Valentine Yvorskaya and Anatoliy Son.

The workshops took place during first and second days in the afternoon. Participants asked a lot of questions and discussed clinical cases and got useful advises. Some patients were invited and could get consultation of the best European specialists.
Professor Gabriele Arendt (Germany) gave an excellent talk on HIV and the peripheral and central nervous system.
Volodymyr Smolanka (Ukraine) and Anatoliy Son (Ukraine) showed neurosurgical aspects of treatment vessels stenosis and Cerebral aneurysms.
In line with the EFNS rules, all participants took the exam and 40% passed exam successfully and received diplomas.

Besides the scientific program we prepared also an interesting cultural programme. All invited speakers and participants visited the famous Odessa opera, had the chance to try Odessa regional wine, and for the faculty we arranged an excursion programme.

We are so thankful to Detlef Kömpf who recommended lectors, and developed the scientific programme with us, to all invited speakers for very useful and excellent giving talks, to the Movement Disorder Society who supported and developed the MD part of the course, to the EFNS officers Lisa Mueller and Julia Mayer for their help during the preparation of the Teaching Course, and to all pharmaceuticals companies who brought participants to Odessa from all parts of Ukraine, and neighboring countries.

Course coordinator Liliya Zvyagina