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  Ufa, Russia 2010
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About this Regional Teaching Course

EFNS Regional Teaching Course in Ufa, Russia, July 8-10, 2010 The EFNS regional teaching course in Ufa was organized by the Bashkir State Medical University as the first RTC in the European part of Russia. It was supported by the government of Bashkortostan Republic and was a big success. We had about 150 active participants from Ufa, many cities and villages of Bashkir and Tatar Republics and from several other Russian cities (Perm, Toljatti, etc.), who attended all the lectures, seminars and workshops. And the same number of professionals and students who came for several classes of their particular interest, including those working for other fields (radiologists, intensive care specialists, neurosurgeons, rehabilitation medicine specialists, pharmacologists, etc.). We even had one medical student from the University of Washington (Seattle, USA) who attended the whole course as an academic exchange student. The details, program and pictures from the course can be found on Web: (in Russian) We had the most brilliant lecturers from Austria, Germany, Poland, Russia and Slovenia, who did a terrific job presenting the most modern and evidence based data during their big talks and smaller workshops. Each morning we had 4 lectures, and each afternoon we had 3 workshops with European professors and well-known professors from Moscow. Each participant received a bag with information about the EFNS, its future events and all the material of the course including a CD with English and Russian versions of all the presentations. We did our best to avoid conflict of interests and no financing was accepted from any commercial company or pharmaceutical industry. We also tried to arrange as a “green course” with a minimum of waist and paper. Information about the course was published in Russian and local papers and on the web. Vice-president of the EFNS, Professor Sergey Illarioshkin was interviewed for a TV programme, and we were on all local news. A special social event, enjoyed by all the participants, was a cruise along the Belaya River on a big and luxurious “Karaidel” boat where the foreign speakers tasted “kumys” (a local milk drink) and several Bashkirian special dishes for the first time, and all of us had fun admiring the beautiful nature of the Bashkir Republic. A final EFNS RTC exam was taken in English using the questions sent by all the speakers. Those neurologists who passed it brilliantly (20 participants) got special certificates. A certificate of attendance was handed to all participants of the course. We were very (pleased?)happy to listen to the outstanding presentations about pain, dementia, epilepsy, stroke, multiple sclerosis, rehabilitation, balance problems, neurogenic bladder and Parkinson’s disease, to have a chance for fruitful discussions both in English and in Russian (all the slides and all sessions were translated by professional interpreters and physicians) and to watch video sessions. The presentation about EAYNT was well accepted, excited many young neurologists and was covered in a local newspaper for adolescents. This RTC was a big event for neurologists of entire Russia, and we got many thankful letters from the participants. We already got a letter from our “Nauchnyj Centr Nevrologii” (the leading Institute of Neurology at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences) with words of high appreciation for perfect organization of this RTC. We greatly appreciate all the outstanding work done by the lecturers, EFNS Headoffice, local organizers and our Medical University. The beautiful new conference center at our university was an excellent place for welcoming all the speakers and participants. We would like to commit that we will be more than happy to continue working with the EFNS and will do our best for cooperation and future projects. Thank you, EFNS! It was wonderful! On behalf of local organizers, Professor Leyla Akhmadeeva, MD, PhD, Bashkir State Medical University Director of the Neurology Clinics and Ward (E-mail: