Regional Teaching Courses  
  Brasov, Romania 2009
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About this Regional Teaching Course

1st EFNS/EFAS/EAYNT Teaching Course on Autonomic Nervous System Disorders
Brasov, Romania – 30-31 January 2009

Autonomic nervous system (ANS) disorders are common and their diagnosis and treatment form an emerging sub-speciality of neurology. Detailed knowledge on this important topic is rather sparse among young doctors. Based on the pressing demand for improving education in ANS disorders the European Federation of Autonomic Societies (EFAS) decided to organise a joint Teaching Course (TC) together with the European Association of Young Neurologists and Trainees, in close collaboration with the European Federation of Neurological Societies (EFNS). The TC was approved by the EACCME.
The TC was held at the Aula of the University of Transylvania, Brasov, Romania and attended by 552 participants from all over Europe.
Dean Professor M. Radoi (Brasov, Romania) gave a warm opening address.
Max Hilz (Erlangen, Germany) opened the TC giving a comprehensive lecture on the pathophysiology of ANS, followed by an excellent overview on history taking, diagnosis and differential diagnosis in transient loss of consciousness (TLOC) by Hans Lahrmann (Vienna, Austria) and Roland D. Thijs (Heemstede, Netherlands). The important subject of ANS dysfunction in MSA and Parkinson’s disease was outlined by Cristian Falup-Pecurariu. David B. Vodusek (Ljubljana, Slovenia) held a coherent talk on the complex issue of urogenital and sexual dysfunction. After the lunch break Pietro Cortelli (Bologna, Italy) bravely conquered postprandial lethargy with a lecture on sleep disorders and ANS. Max Hilz followed with secondary autonomic failure in GBS and diabetes, raising the attention with many practical relevant facts on both disorders. The audience had the honour to listen to M. Radoi’s lecture on cardiac syncopes, followed by Rodica Balasa’s (Targu-Mures, Romania) on ANS dysfunctions in MS and EAYNT president Johann Sellner’s (Munich, Germany) on ANS complications in HIV. Moreover, Pietro Cortelli gave an overview on the link between headache and the ANS. Roland D. Thijs closed that day’s programme with international recommendations on management and therapy of OH and TLOC.

Saturday morning was dedicated to autonomic testing and case presentations. Heinz Lahrmann (Vienna, Austria) and Walter Struhal (Linz, Austria) explained theoretical and technical basics of cardiovascular and sudomotor testing and possible pitfalls. Participants, partly awarded with travel grants sponsored by the EAYNT, were then involved by presenting their posters and case studies. Some cases were complicated enough to also give the ANS experts a hard time.

This event caused enthusiasm among the Romanian neurologists to such an extent that it mounted in the foundation of the Romanian Multidisciplinary Group on Autonomic Disorders.

Special thanks to EFAS, especially to Max Hilz, for his maximum possible guidance; Heinz Lahrmann for his organisational support; EFAS president Pietro Cortelli for his continuous aid; to EFNS president Jacques De Reuck and EFNS treasurer David B. Vodusek for co-sponsoring and supporting the event; and last but not least to the tremendous work of EAYNT officer and local organiser Cristian Falup-Pecurariu and his team for organising an impressing and technically perfectly working site and offering great hospitality. For the EAYNT, an organisation aimed at representing young neurologists and lobbying for their interests at the European level, this successful first Teaching Course is an important impetus for further activities in this direction.

Walter Struhal and Johann Sellner for the EAYNT