Regional Teaching Courses  
  Yerevan, Armenia 2009
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About this Regional Teaching Course

EFNS Teaching Course, Yerevan, Armenia
October 15-17, 2009

Report of the EFNS organizers

Our teaching course in Yerevan was in general very successful.
From the part of the Armenian Neurological Association practically everything appeared to be responsibility of Prof. Hovhannes Manvelyan, Vice President of the Association. The president, Prof. Gurgen Hovhannesyan was also actively present, a little bit handicapped by his partial knowledge of English. Other active persons from the Armenian side were Dr. Varsine Jaladyan and another young colleague.

Three days of the morning and afternoon presentations were as folloes:
DAY 1: „MDS“ (Prof. Mark Edwards, London, Carlo Colosimo, Rome and Evzen Ruzicka, Prague).
DAY 2: „Cerebrovascular Disease“ (Prof. Dieter Heiss, Cologne, Prof. Laszlo Csiba, Debrecen and Prof. Pavel Kalvach, Prague.
DAY 3: „Pediatric Neurology“ (Sona Nevsimalova, Prague, Eugen Boltzhauser, Zurich and Knut Brockmann, Göttingen).

The EFNS lecturers were followed in the afternoon each day by 2 Armenian experts in the same topic. While the whole EFNS programme ran in English, the Armenian lectures were in Russian, accompanied by English slides.
Johann Sellner as a representative of EYANT gave a lecture on the „European perspectives for young neurologists“.
All the presentations had outstanding quality, both in their content and in technical display. Movement disorders and some pediatric sleep disorders were accompanied by movies.
The whole programme was simultaneously translated into Russian with good quality. It seemed that about one half of the audience got along with direct listening and one half needed earphones. The total of the audience was 150 (from Armenia, Georgia, Iran, and India) – in major part young colleagues, enthusiastic and active in putting questions. One of the visitors from Tbilisi was the dean of the medical faculty.

The venue of the event was Golden Palace Hotel with a nice lecture hall and good technical background. The faculty was also accommodated in the same hotel.
Local organizers have arranged for us a trip to Echmedzian, Garni and Geghard – 3 monasteries within a range of a 6 hours round-trip. This excursion has been provided on the day of arrival, prior to lecture days.
In words of our Armenian hosts this event was well accepted in medical faculty and in rectorate of the university. These officials as well as leading colleagues of the neurological association valued the course in very laudatory words.
All participants were credited by certificates in an extent of 6 hours CME credits per day (18 hours in total).

Prof. Pavel Kalvach, MD, PhD
Ing. Magda Dohnalova