Regional Teaching Courses  
  Uzhghorod, Ukraine 2008

About this Regional Teaching Course

EFNS Regional Teaching Course,
25-26 June, 2008, Uzhghorod

Eighty participants came from the neighbouring cities, many of them from Eastern-Ukraine (1500km by train!!!). These participants had to travel 2x1.5 days on normal train (not by sleep-wagon!) in order to participate in the meeting. This was the reason why not a 3, but a 2-day course was organized. These circumstances illustrate the
difficulties of the colleagues living in such a huge and poor country.
The organizers made their best to help the lecturers crossing the border. It is still a
challenge, because of the long waiting time at the border.
The course took place in the Uzhghorod Hotel, and in the Old Continent Hotel.
The lecturers were experts of their own topics (Hermann Stefan, Detlef Kömpf, Pavel Kalvach, V. Smolanka, László Csiba.
The main topic were: 1) stroke management, including thrombolysis and secondary stroke prevention; 2) epilepsy 3) Parkinson`s desease 4) vascular abnormalities and emergency in neurology. The participants received hand-outs with the slides of the lectures.
The lectures were divided in plenary lectures in the morning, and afternoon workshops. Participants were divided into smaller groups discussing case presentations (video). The discipline of participants was very good, 90% of them were always
Prof. Smolanka had organized simultaneous translation.
The technical background was excellent. At the end of the course, a multiple choice exam was organized on the topics of the course. Thirty six participants passed the exam and received an EFNS Certificate. A feedback form was also circulated and more than 90% of the participants gave excellent scores for the course.
A faculty dinner was also organized for the lecturers in the Carpathian forest as well as a reception for all participants. Professor Kömpf and myself were the EFNS supervisors.

László Csiba, Chairman of the EFNS Co-operation committee