Regional Teaching Courses  
  Sofia, Bulgaria 2007

About this Regional Teaching Course

The second Regional EFNS Teaching Course in Bulgaria together with a Joint EANO/BANO Meeting was held in Sofia, October 18-20, 2007. It was supported by the EFNS and EANO. A total of 129 participants from different regions of the country, most of them neurologists and neurosurgeons, attended the Course and took part in the discussions. Ten prominent experts nominated by the EFNS and EANO presented the lectures:
Antonio Federico, Jürg Kesselring, David Brassat, Michel Billiard, Sona Nevsimalova, Claudio Bassetti, Wolfgang Grisold, Riccardo Soffietti, Robin Grant, Michael Weller. The Bulgarian
lecturers were Ivan Milanov, Ventzislav Bussarsky, Tatiana Hadjieva, Nadejda Deleva, Milena Milanova, Ara Kaprelian.

The programme of the first day started with a lecture of A. Federico on genetic leuco-encephalopathies, followed by I. Milanov, who talked on the clinical syndromes in multiple sclerosis. J. Kesselring acquainted the listeners with the problems of neuro-rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis and D. Brassat with the drug treatment. The afternoon workshops included the presentation of clinical cases and discussion on these topics. Sleep disorders was the second topic and it was presented by M. Billiard, C. Bassetti, S. Nevsimalova and M. Milanova. The participants in the course could get acquainted with narcolepsy and restless legs syndrome, sleep apnoea and sleep disorders in children. The afternoon workshop brought interesting video-presentations.
The programme of the third day was organised by the European and the Bulgarian associations on neuro-oncology. Brain metastases and their treatment, brain tumour management and standards in the adjuvant treatment of malignant gliomas were presented by W. Grisold, R. Soffietti, R. Grant and M. Weller. The Bulgarian contribution was on radiotherapy in metastasis and gliomas and the surgical treatment of gliomas - T. Hadjieva, V. Bussarsky and case presentations - N. Deleva and A. Kaprelyan. The interesting programme ended with a round table on the current state of neuro-oncology in Bulgaria, its future, strategy and development.
The lecturers and the participants could visit some cultural landmarks in Sofia and the Rila monastery.
The official language of the course was English. Simultaneous translation was provided and all attendees were given the conference proceedings. At the end of the course a written multiple choice test was organized. The participants, who covered the requirements of the exam received a certificate on their successful attendance and examination.
Most participants attended an EFNS meeting for the first time. They expressed their satisfaction with the selection of the topics, the perfectly prepared presentations with excellent illustrations and interesting discussions. All of them said that it was a very useful and well organized course, which helped to enrich their knowledge and clinical practice.
All of them strongly recommended to regularly organise such meetings in Bulgaria.

Irena Velcheva, Sofia, Bulgaria