Regional Teaching Courses  
  Odessa, Ukraine 2007

About this Regional Teaching Course

The European Federation of Neurological Societies has established and strengthened collegial and scientific links with East European neurologists during the last years.
We are so proud that due to the great success of the first RTC in Odessa 2005, the second EFNS Ukrainian Teaching Course again took place in Odessa, where one of the oldest neurological societies is located. We celebrated the 100th anniversary in October 2005.
The aim of this RTC was to transfer new concepts of basic neuroscience and clinical routine, to provide update information and promote international research and clinical collaboration and to develop and establish the necessary diagnostic procedures and organizational structures to implement these new strategies country-wide for the benefit of all patients.
This RTC was of great interest for practitioners and scientists; more than 300 participants from different parts of the Ukraine including guests from Russia came to Odessa.
Ten professors from Western Europe nominated by the EFNS and three leading neurologists from the Ukraine and one from Russia presented their lectures.
The programme included lectures on post-traumatic neurological disorders, pain syndromes, epilepsy, stroke complications, free lectures, and neurophysiologic diagnostic.
Detlef Kömpf (Germany) - Chair of the EFNS Teaching Course Committee opened the course and informed about EFNS activities.
Istvan Nyary (Hungary) and Eugen Pedachenko (Ukraine) focused on problems of modern diagnostics and treatment of brain injury, and management of traumatic brain injury and spine trauma; David Vodusek (Slovenia) informed about the new diagnostic criteria in patients with posttraumatic cauda equina lesions; Detlef Kömpf (Germany) presented oculomotor case studies (with and without vertigo) - including video presentation and opened clinical value of supranuclear eye movement disorders and vertigo. Natan Bornstein and Amos D. Korczyn (Israel) informed of post stroke complications (pain and epilepsy syndrome). Jes Olesen (Denmark) provided new diagnostic and treatment possibilities of headache disorders. Giorgio Cruccu (Italy) presented the EFNS guidelines on naturopathic pain treatment and trigeminal neuralgia.
Vitaliy Tcimbaluk (Ukraine) talked about tunnel syndromes. A large part of the RTC was dedicated to the topic of epilepsy. Paul Boon emphasized the role of MRI in clinical trials and clinical monitoring of epilepsy patients. Hermann Stefan informed about diagnosis of the epilepsies, including clinical cases of epilepsy and the use of series of video EEG presentations. Kristl Vonck (Belgium) revealed strategies for modern antiepileptic drugs. Amos D. Korczyn (Israel) described cognitive changes in epilepsy.

The Teaching Course materials were translated into Russian to facilitate the comprehen-
sion of information. Each lecture was followed by an intensive discussion and questions
from the audience.

All lectures have been recorded on CD and were distributed among the participants.
The EFNS had asked us to distribute questionnaires to the participants and they had to pass an examin after the course. 80% of the participants passed this exam successfully.

In addition to the time spent at the lectures, the participants took part in several social and cultural events. Lecturers and participants visited memorial places of Odessa, the Art Gallery, a theatre, could enjoy rafting at the seashore of Odessa gulf, and also got a taste of the national food and wine. At the closing ceremony of the RTC we heard a wonderful concert of the famous philharmonic artists, which acquainted the auditorium with folk music, national suits and traditions.
We would like to express our gratitude to the EFNS, especially to Ms. Elisabeth Müller, Pavel Kalvach, Detlef Kömpf, and László Csiba for generously supporting the initiatives of the RTC. We are very thankful to all the invited speakers for their wonderful and inspiring lectures.
Special thanks also go to all pharmaceutical companies, which gave us financial support.
We very much look forward to continue our activity and collaboration with EFNS. We hope that it will become a tradition to organize a RTC in Odessa and we hope that such meetings will stimulate your professional knowledge and skills and we cordially invite everybody to visit our country again.

Anatoliy Son and Liliya Zviagina, Odessa, Ukraine - Local Organizers