Regional Teaching Courses  
  Ekaterinburg, Russia 2006
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About this Regional Teaching Course

Report from the local organizer

First of all we would like to express our profound gratitude to the EFNS for the possibility to organise the Regional Teaching Course (RTC) in Ekaterinburg at the Palace of Youth. We are also very grateful to Pavel Kalvach who was the first person who suggested me to organise this course and helped in all stages of the preparatory work. We also express our best thanks to our outstanding invited speakers from Europe: President of the EFNS – Jacques De Reuck (Gent, Belgium), past President of the EFNS - Wolf-Dieter Heiss (Cologne, Germany), Chairman of the EFNS Teaching Course Committee - Detlef Kömpf (Lübeck, Germany), Chairman of the EFNS Education Committee – Wolfgang Grisold (Vienna, Austria); Jan van Gijn (Utrecht, The Netherlands), Eduardo Tolosa (Barcelona, Spain), Arne Lindgren (Lund, Sweden), Antti Ronkainen (Kuopio, Finland), Valdis Keris (Riga, Latvia). We also would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to our famous Russian Professors from Moscow – Veronika Skvortsova, Alla Guekht, Michael Piradov, Aleksey Boiko, Vladimir Zakharov. Special thanks go to Lisa Müller – EFNS Executive director - for her kind assistance during the preparations of the RTC.
The speakers of the RTC covered the topics stroke, movement disorders, and multiple sclerosis, but also smaller fields such as neuro-oncology and neuroophthalmology. Several presentations included conditions completely new to the audience, and new techniques, which will hopefully soon be available in our region.
810 registered neurologists took part in our RTC; altogether colleagues from 28 cities of the Urals region and 12 cities of the neighbouring parts of Russia. In the words of our neurologists, the EFNS RTC was like a revolution in our neurology, one which has changed views on the treatment and diagnostics of many neurological disorders.
Michael Sklyar, the Minister of Health of our region, explained that this was the first event of such magnitude not only in neurology, but in medicine.
We were very pleased that in addition to organising this RTC, the following local colleagues made excellent presentations: Larisa Volkova, Vladimir Sakovich, Andrey Belkin and me. The syllabi were not only distributed to the participants but will also be published as a supplement of the Urals Medical Journal.
The high quality and informational programme was rounded up by the social programme, which aimed at being a “festival of science” for all participants. Among others this included an evening at the State Opera where the ballet Swan Lake was performed, and also an excursion to the European-Asian border.
After this first EFNS RTC in our city, we can tell that this event influenced our neurologists very positively. They want to know more about standards in diagnostics and treatment of neurological disorders and proven effective drugs in neurology. They want to learn to speak English; most of them began to study English very intensively.
They improve their knowledge by using the free access to the European Journal of Neurology and reading the literature which they got during our RTC. They ask to organise such an RTC regularly and many neurologists want to participate also in EFNS Congresses and the EFNS Academy in Stare Splavy.
We are very happy that our EFNS RTC was that successful and fruitful and we wish to continue with this wonderful project.

Elena Lebedeva,
on behalf of the Local Organizing Committee