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  Personal Remarks

I was present when EFNS was founded in 1991, but I did not suspect that I would be playing a role within it. I had been invited to make a presentation at the Paneuropean meeting in Vienna. There was a war in Irak (already!), the Paris airport was guarded like a fortress and very few people were flying. I was scheduled to stay in Vienna for only 2 days, but, despite the bitter cold, I prolonged my stay because the meeting was so interesting and also because there was a fabulous Mozart exhibit celebrating his bicentennial. I met Prof. Gerstenbrand and some time later, I am not sure why, I sent him my CV. It just so happens that, at the time, Prof. Olesen and his colleagues were looking for an Editor of the Journal they had decided to launch. After some correspondence with Jes (probably by snail mail: e-mail was in its infancy then), I went to Copenhagen and had the pleasure of meeting Per Sorensen, future Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal. That is how it all started.

A managing Editor (Anne Petrov) was hired and we dedicated a small room next to my Paris office calling it, somehow pompously, "The Editorial Office of the European Journal of Neurology". And then we anxiously waited for submissions. I distinctly remember our excitement when the first manuscript was received. The author was, of all people, a pediatric neuro-ophtalmologist from London. I have no idea of how she had heard about the new Journal. Even though I was optimistic, I never anticipated that EFNS and the Journal would become so important in my life. It is a great honor to have been associated with both.

  François Boller, France

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