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The first EFNS Congress took place in Berlin December 8-11, 1993, and we had a full meeting December 9th on Neurology in Europe, including a symposium on ”The need for teaching courses”. I was elected Chairman of the Liaison committee of the EFNS. There was not much activity in the Liaison committee at that time, because the institution was so new and we had difficulties in defining the mandate of the committee. We were concerned about the Decade of the Brain, which had been launched in USA by AAN in 1990, and we discussed if and how the individual member societies could organize their own “Year of the brain”, which many countries eventually did during the 1990es.

The next EFNS congress was held in Poznan November 23-27, 1994. As chairman of the Liaison committee, I also participated in the Management Committee meeting Tuesday November 24. The Poznan meeting was well organized. The constitution had already been written and was accepted unanimously. It had already been decided that the next EFNS congress would take place in Marseilles 1995 with Professor Serratrice as the President of the congress. At the Council of Delegates, Jes Olesen was designated President of the EFNS for 1996. We also spent much time in discussing the future European neurological journal, European Journal of Neurology, which was launched in 1994. We realized that at this time, EFNS were clearly behind ENS in preparations. The main event in Poznan was Gajdusek’s lecture on Jacob Creutzfeld’s disease. We enjoyed listening to Händel’s oratory “Samson”. The November weather was grey and dark.
I had my sabbatical at the University of California at Davis during the second half of 1995, and did not participate in the EFNS congress in Marseilles.

  Johan A. Aarli, Norway
Liaison Committee: 1991-1995

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