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  Personal Remarks

Dear friends at the EFNS,

Congratulations to all in particular my old friends Eberhard Deisenhammer
Jacques de Reuck and especially Jes Olesen who was so insrtumental in making
the EFNS what it is to day;

Since Jes took over the chair, I left the AAN, where I had been in important
committees since 1992, including the Membership Committee (first ever for a
non-US member since its origin in 1948...), to join the EFNS when Jes asked
me. To my regret I had to resign after some years, not by lack of interest
(I still believe that it is the best Neurology Society in the world) but
because of accumulating responsibilities elsewhere: Advisor to the WHO
(1984), Stroke Council of the AHA (1985), President of the Institut du
Cerveau (private fundation), Bordeaux (1990), Scientific Committee of the
European Stroke Conference (1991), Chief of Neurology at the University of
Bordeaux (1993) Founder and Chairman of the European Stroke Council (1994),
EFNS Committees (1996), Expert for Neurosciences to the WHO (1996), Member
of the EMEA/CHMP (1997), Chairman of the International Working Group on
Dementia Trials (2002), Minister of Research at the Regional Government of
Aquitaine (2004), Chairman of the Department of Cinical Neurosciences, CHU
of Bordeaux (2007, 2001), Director of the Federation of Neurosciences,
University of Bordeaux (2011). I still have other projects but I do support
the EFNS in my heart and I am sincerely sorry for my not being able to
contribute actively to it succes.
  Jean-Marc Orgogozo, France
Liaison Committee: 1995-1997

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