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Hellmuth Tschabitscher was a "life long" secretary general of the Austrian Neurological Society and he was the head of the Neurological Department at the Hospital Rosenhügel in Vienna. His wife Uschi (Dr. Friederike Susanne Tschabitscher) was helping him with the administration of the society. Prof. Tschabitscher died in 1984.
The office was kept at the Rosenhügel. Franz Gerstenbrand had been a member of the Austrian Neurological Society for a long time and was heavily involved in the daily business. Since Uschi kept working for the society, she also was involved in all the activities of Gerstenbrand. She was well informed about the development of the Pan-European Neurological Society, the concerns about it (see also chapter history), and finally accompanied Franz Gerstenbrand to a meeting in Marseille, which was called by Georges Serratrice. She was enthusiastic about the idea of an EFNS and was not only supporting Franz Gerstenbrand in language but also the idea of this development.
After the well known foundation of the EFNS in 1991 in Vienna she continued to give her heart and her soul (as Dieter Heiss expressed it) to this new organisation.
After a short time she could hand over her duties of the Austrian Society to a lady she had well trained.
From this time on, she dedicated all her time to the EFNS. Until she died in July 2003, she was engaged from morning to night what ever has to be dealt with.
With her charm, her consequence, her empathy, her endurance and her language skills she gave a team spirit to everyone in the Federation.
As the EFNS was growing she had to look for compassionate co-workers, a job which was not easy, but after all she found a team that took over her legacy.

by Eberhard Deisenhammer and Lisa Müller

Friederike “Uschi” Susanne Tschabitscher, Vienna