EFNS Offices    
  Personal Remarks

How I joined the EFNS:

The Headoffice in Vienna was looking for an office assistant, and after 2 interviews it was decided that I am eligible for the job and the tasks ahead of me.

At first I was impressed by the office itself, the design and the astonishing view. The second thing that really made me want this job, besides working 10 minutes from home, was the fact that there was an opportunity to go abroad for a week. Although combined with a lot of work (as it was the annual congress), I was so happy to escape my “mother and housewife-job” for a while!

After one year I can say, I learned a lot, still have questions about various things, but found my way on how to handle certain tasks on my own and am happy to have some responsibility.

Me being German still gives us a good laugh from time to time, when I cannot understand what Lisa and Anja are saying or when I try to say something in Austrian.
I am happy that Anja still helps when I ask her for the 50th time how to handle our stubborn 4th office member – the copying machine (really has a mind of his own!).

Alltogether I enjoy it a lot and look forward to the next years and congresses.

  Julia Mayer, Vienna