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  Personal Remarks

Almost 10 years have passed from the beginning of my work for the EFNS. I had never done such sort of work before and this new work has brought many changes in my life and for my whole family.
My involvement in the administrative preparations and organizational execution of the courses in Třešť as well as of the EFNS Academy in Staré Splavy, my contacts with the members of the Management Committee, correspondence with the Department to Department Programme´s candidates enabled me, not being a medical doctor myself, to meet a number of interesting people and ideas. I have had the opportunity to compare not only the health systems, but also a style of life in different European countries. This colourful experience has enriched my horizons and gave me a pleasant feeling to be a part of the educational progress. It is much rewarding to see our participants of the courses to be satisfied and to see them grateful to the EFNS.
  Magda Dohnalová, Prague