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Nils Erik Gilhus has been a Professor of Neurology at University of Bergen and a consultant neurologist at Haukeland University Hospital since 1987. He is head of Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Bergen, and was Faculty dean 2003-2005. His main research interest is neuroimmunological disorders. He is a member of the management committee of the European School of Neuroimmunology and World Federation for Neurorehabilitation.

It should be a major aim for EFNS to have active scientific panels acting as powerhouses in EFNS and European neurology. Task forces produce guideline documents to improve treatment and diagnostic work in European neurology, but the panels should at the same time be a basis for European research initiatives and cooperation at the European level. The scientific committee aims at being an important tool for expansion of EFNS, for research activity and for improving health at a joint European level.

  Nils Erik Gilhus, Norway
Scientific Committee: 2005-2007

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