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My main intention as the founding president of the EFNS was to include the neurology of the former Socialist Countries in the European Community, lifting up the scientific level and starting with an educational programme. Professor Pavel Kalvach, Prague, founded an academy in South Moravia, inviting young neurologists mostly from East European countries and presenting an excellent teaching programme. Flying teaching courses were performed, mostly with the help of Professor Kalvach with the basic organization of Dr. Uschi Tschabitscher. A clinical exchange programme was started.

Intensive discussions with the leaders of the ENS under the patronage of Lord Walton had no success. Professor Said, as the permanent Secretary General and part of the Management Committee refused steps of a cooperation. Nowadays the leading group of ENS remarked the mistake of the former politic and changed the strategy to be more interested in East Europe and tries to start with political obligation in the field of neurology.

My personal intention was to include the East European Neurology to be a full member in the EFNS with a close cooperation, beginning with Russia, but as well with the neurology of the South European Countries to find a realistic equilibrium between West and East European neurology. The basis of the cooperation till now is the Danube Neurology, the Central and East European Association for Neurology. The annual conferences of the Danube group are used to intensive the cooperation with the EFNS and for common decisions. Continuous cooperation is held with the Pula-Group for Neurology and Psychiatry.

After my opinion, the main obligation of the EFNS is to continue the cooperation on European research programmes and in education, but to use the mandate of an official European organisation, intensify political consultations at the EU-level as well as in regional political health decisions, with the aim, to have a better position of neurology. Neurology at all needs a better position as a speciality in health as well as in professional politics. A better cooperation should be started with the World Federation of Neurorehabilitation and its European branch as well as with the World Federation of Neurosurgery and its European branch.

  Franz Gerstenbrand, Austria
Management Committee: 1991-1995

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