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My involvement with the EFNS started during my tenure as president of the Spanish Society of Neurology. At that time I realized that the EFNS in addition to being a scientific society was involved in teaching and promoting the dissemination of scientific information and knowledge across Europe. In 2001 I became member-at-large of the Management Committee. For this I thank Jean Marc Leger who encouraged my participation. I went to my first meeting eager to participate and exchange ideas with my colleagues. I was therefore surprised that at the end of that meeting I had absolutely no idea of how big and complicated the EFNS was nor did I have any idea of what had actually happened at the meeting. With the guidance of the committee members and in particular Dr. Friederike Susanne Tschabitscher, and later Ms Lisa Müller, I came to understand the process and the complexity of what the EFNS was trying to accomplish. Today, when I reflect back I could not have imagined that we would have come so far and accomplished so much. Working together, this committee, with members from many different countries was and remains able to find common ground and achieve common goals. In addition to my work on the Management Committee I am proud of the work done by the Neuropathy Panel under the expert guidance of Dr. Richard Hughes that has produced guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders. Currently I am a vice president of the Management Committee and it pleases me to note that the other vice president is also a woman. Supporting the involvement of women in the EFNS and in clinical neurology in Europe is of particular importance to me.
  Isabel Illa, Spain
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Management Committee: 2001-2003

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