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  Personal Remarks

Time is passing fast if you are having a good time! I have joined the EFNS Head Office team in the beginning of May 2009, and it seems to me that time has just flown by. My new job is very diverse and challenging, includes traveling to interesting places, and brought a lot of new and kind people into my life. I am again and again impressed by the many committed people that are involved with the EFNS.
My main tasks at the Head Office in Vienna are to work for the Scientific Committee, the Scientist Panels and the EFNS Guideline Production Group. Besides this, I am also involved with a lot of administrative and organisational work for the yearly EFNS congress. There are always a lot of different things to do, but luckily I am working within a great team.

Since I have finished my studies in cultural- and social anthropology this summer I am working on a full-time basis and I really appreciate to be part of the EFNS.

November 2012

  Julia Scheidl, Vienna