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  3rd EFNS Meeting, Prague, Czech Republic, 4 - 8 June 1997
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Final Programme

Local Chairperson

Pavel Kalvach, Praque
Dear colleague,

For several reasons the Organizing Committee here in Prague and other members of our Neurological community are looking quite enthusiastically to the meeting of the European Federation of Neurological Societies.
First, we love neurology.
Neurology is certainly something more than an everyday diagnostic and therapeutic effort in the consulting room. Neurology is an encounter with the secrets of the organization of living matter, the secrets of reflexes, complex responses, and the secrets of the most developed skills and their failure. It is a discipline, creating questions continuously about the most effective performance: In motorics, sensitivity, vegetative functions, memory, speech, and general mental productivity. It is a specialty awakening phantasy as well as the necessity of diligent study. Overlapping the realm of the problems of psyche and those of somatic internal medicine, it has always attracted the most brooding, meditative spirits. Such spirits from many European and non-European countries are just arriving in Prague.
Any progress in knowledge is today only possible collectively. Those who strive and dare to define things, set new standards for new discussions and new scrutinies. Others can enjoy studying these theses, completing and correcting them, in order to push the progress further.
During our hitherto preparations of the Meeting, we have tasted what is in fact the EFNS. This appeared not only to be an apparatus for the administration of incidental contacts between national Neurological Societies. It also appeared to be a living organism of dedicated confessors of our specialty, a body of collaborating panels of individual nosological units and ripening basis for continuous postgraduate neurological education throughout the whole continent. The EFNS is an encouraging and inspirational society. This fact is visible in the composition of 9 Main Topic Sessions, in 17 Topical Seminars and 8 Teaching Courses. Other interesting topics will be covered in Satellite Symposia, in addition a lot of business meetings of different scientific panels will provide improved communication between old and new collaborators.
In this booklet you will find an attractive list of social events for the accompanying persons and cultural evenings for all participants. At the time of our Congress, the music festival “Prague Spring” has just finished which fortunately results in less tourists but there is still an abundance of opera and concerts an offer. The city has changed in its atmosphere during the last few years. Philosophically oriented visitors can discuss what are the joys and miseries of the epochal changes in the society’s conceptions. Medical doctors know a lot of both.
Our meeting might be also a prelude for the upcoming celebrations of the 650 anniversary of Charles University. The rules of the Neurological World Congresses forestall to make routine European Congresses in the years of a World Congress.
The same obviation was also our utmost intention for 1997. We wished to make this Meeting some more than a routine one. With your excellent reply to our call for papers, with yours presence here, we believe, that the meeting will succeed beyond our expectations.

Pavel Kalvach
Local Organizing Committee