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  EFNS/ENS Joint Congress of European Neurology, Istanbul, Turkey, 31 May - 3 June 2014
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Dear colleagues and friends,

This Istanbul Congress is a very special event as for both EFNS and ENS, it will be the last one. Rather than the end of a story, this is actually the beginning of a new one as during this meeting, the board of the new European Academy of Neurology (EAN) will be elected and this board will be in charge of organising the first EAN Congress in Berlin in June 2015.

The joint EFNS-ENS Congress Programme Committee has managed to combine up-to-date review lectures by leading experts, arranged in various forms including 8 symposia, 23 focused workshops, 5 special sessions, 3 practical sessions and 3 interactive sessions. The topics covered range from preclinical neuroscience to mechanisms of disease, treatment and practical training. They address practicing experienced neurologists as well as residents and therefore the programme also includes 25 teaching courses that have been classified in three levels allowing everyone to make the best selection.

Much time and space will be devoted to oral and poster presentations as a Congress like this one is alive only if delegates play an active role by communicating their own experience and research. This most importantly concerns our youngest colleagues who represent the future of European neurology and thus of the European Academy of Neurology. On behalf of both the EFNS Management Committee and of the ENS Executive Committee, we welcome them warmly.

All this is in line with the traditions of both ENS and EFNS and organising an annual European general neurology Congress will also be one of the major realisations of the imminent EAN as stated in its bylaws.

We are convinced that the now unique European general neurology Congress that therefore is a multidisciplinary meeting will allow the various subfields to interact for the best of the care of our patients.

We also would like to point out that the future EAN will be an open society, open to interaction with patient organisations, with other fields of medicine, with basic neuroscience and with the other continents. In that respect, Istanbul as a location is symbolic and we welcome all our colleagues from the other parts of the world who we trust will become partners sharing our mission to promote excellence in neurology.

Gustave Moonen & Jacques De Reuck

Co-chairs of the Congress Programme Committee

Joint Congress of European Neurology, Istanbul, Turkey
31 May – 3 June 2014

At this unique meeting organised by the European Federation of Neurological Societies (EFNS) and the European Neurological Society (ENS), a record number of more than 5900 neurologists from 102 countries attended. The top countries were Germany, France, Turkey, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Greece, Spain and Romania. But of course many participants came from outside of Europe.
From a total number of 2700 abstracts submitted, the Congress Programme Committee – led by Professors Jacques De Reuck and Gustave Moonen – selected 1500 to be presented as electronic as well as paper posters. Especially the ePoster session was a great success.
There was a total number of 68 sessions, including 8 symposia, focused workshops, oral sessions and special sessions, organised. 25 teaching courses and 3 practical courses were part of the educational programme.
During the lunch breaks and in the evening pharmaceutical companies organised 11 Satellite Symposia.
Like at previous congresses, young scientists had the possibility to compete in the Tournament for Young neurologists. The Subspecialty Scientific Panels chose the best presentation in their field and finally all the participants were winners, since the congress evaluations showed that the scientific programme, as well as the organisation was excellent.
The highlight of this congress was the foundation of the European Academy of Neurology (EAN). EFNS and ENS came together to found this new society. Currently 45 national neurological societies, as well as 800 individuals are registered members of EAN. EAN represents more than 19.000 European neurologists.
On 3 June 2014 the Assembly of Delegates elected their Board. The following officers were elected:
President: Günther Deuschl, Germany
Vice President: Prof Franz Fazekas, Graz, Austria;
Secretary General: Prof Didier Leys, Lille, France
Treasurer: Prof Marianne de Visser, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Chair Scientific Committee: Prof Antonio Federico, Siena, Italy
Chair Liaison Committee: Prof David Vodusek, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Member at large: Prof Per Soelberg Sorensen, Kopenhagen, Denmark

The following officers were appointed after the first board meeting:

Chair Education Committee: Hannah Cock, United Kingdom
Chair Programme Committee: Paul Boon, Ghent, Belgium