Congresses and Meetings    

A congress of the Pan European Society of Neurology was held in Prague in 1989, the next one was planed for 1991 in Vienna. In the meantime things regarding the foundation of the EFNS happened as can be read in the introduction. During the second Congress of the Pan-European Society of Neurologists in Vienna the EFNS was founded and replaced the Pan European Society.
At this time ENS held congresses biannually and the EFNS tried to negotiate with the ENS alternating congresses. These negotiations however never came to an end and therefore the EFNS decided in a very short time to hold a meeting in Berlin, which was excellently organised by Karl Einhäupl. Still in the hope of an agreement with the ENS, we decided to start with our first official congress in Marseille in 1995. The answer of the ENS was to change from biannually to yearly congresses. From that point it was clear for the EFNS to do the same, and again held a meeting, this time in Poznan in 1994 and here Professor Wender organised it as well as Professor Einhäupl in Berlin.
With the congress in Marseille started a row of increasingly important and successful yearly congresses, beginning with 2000 participants which increased to more than 4000 during the next 12 years. Financially in Marseille we started with a plus minus zero result. This also turned to a success so that we were able to start and afford all the additional activities well known in the meantime by the European Neurological Community.