Finance Committee    
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The Finance committee is chaired by the treasurer. The members of the committee shall support the treasurer in all his/her tasks and bring in ideas on how to improve the financial development of the EFNS.
The tasks of the treasurer and the members of the committee are:

The Treasurer shall serve as chairperson of the Finance Committee; ensures that the EFNS maintains accurate financial records; reviews EFNS expenditures and financial status on a regular basis to ensure overall financial integrity; submits the financial accounts of the EFNS to an annual independent audit; develops and presents financial recommendations to the Management Committee and Council; and performs other duties assigned by the President or Management Committee.

The Finance Committee develops recommendations for improving the financial status of the EFNS. Assists the Treasurer in his tasks, reviews annual independent audit, supervises investments of the assets of the EFNS

In 2010 this committee was dissolved and the Treasurer is responsible for the financial affais of the EFNS.

1991-1995 Werner Hacke
1995-2001 Detlef Kömpf
2001-2007 Eberhard Deisenhammer
2007-2011 David Vodušek