EFNS Spring School (former Academy)  
  Staré Splavy, Czech Republic 2008
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About this Academy

The traditional annual EFNS Academy can be evaluated as marvellous. It was an event in mutual friendship and understanding between the faculty, organisers and attendees, friendly attitudes among all the 118 attendees from 26 countries.
Most participants came from Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Moldova, Albania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Serbia. For the first time in the history of the EFNS Academy also observers from the EFNS Asscociate member societies were invited. These colleagues came from Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Syria.
The 10 faculty speakers from France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA and Czech Republic delivered a parade of impressive morning presentations and afternoon interactive workshops. Day 1 with Movement disorders was covered by speakers nominated by MDS-ES; day 2 by experts in Neuroimaging and day 3 was devoted to Vertebrogenic disorders, presented by a neuroradiologist and by neurosurgeons. The speakers have featured latest advances in their fields and the audience has evaluated them in their final questionnaires in vast majority as superb. The young neurologists seem to have harvested a high appreciation from the lecturers, and they have asked a lot of stimulating and well oriented questions, which gave the sessions quite a vivid character.
In addition to the scientific topics, we all enjoyed the social programme. One concert in the church of a neighbouring city (flute, organ, guitar) was accepted with much appreciation; another one (piano by the Swiss neurosurgeon Denis Kaech in the castle of Sychrov) posed a highlight of the official dinner. Moreover, each day started with „Carmen cantatum neurologicum". Some evenings we heard songs with guitar in Ukrainian, in Georgian, in Russian, Greek and Czech.

Participants exchanged a lot of experience and we believe they have thus
contributed to better personal links of neurologists throughout Europe. The smiling faces did not only characterize the moment of photography as shown below, but accompanied - to our grateful satisfaction - the whole course.

Recent echoes from a participants (Natalia Candiba and Adrian Salari, Moldova):
Dear Prof. Pavel Kalvach and Mrs. Ing. Magda Dohnalova!
We want to thank you for your warm attention during the course in Stare Splavy.
A wonderful atmosphere, a perfect choice of the discussed themes, a lot of necessary information!
You've done a great and we think a hard work to have all these participants around, discussing the same topic: neurology.
From speakers:
Thanks again for the invitation and all your hospitality. It was a great meeting. (Dirk Dressler)

Great people with a lot of youthful enthusiasm. (José Masdeu)

It was a pleasure to teach such stimulating students. (Richard Frackowiak)

Pavel Kalvach and Magda Dohnalova, EFNS Branch Office Prague