EFNS Spring School (former Academy)  
  Staré Splavy, Czech Republic 2007

About this Academy

Again, for the 8th EFNS Academy all endeavours were done to make the programme exciting and to have a productive and memorable meeting. Taking the impression of the participants, considering their comments and general satisfaction and also registering the observations of the faculty members we were lucky to achieve these goals.

The following topics were presented this year:
Cognitive and language disorders by Jacques De Reuck, Gian Luigi Lenzi, Stefano F. Cappa and Daniela Perani. Stenotic processes in cerebral circulation: Evaluation, management, surgical and angioplastic approaches by Jacques De Reuck, Pavel Kalvach, Marco Leonardi, Pavel Haninec and Foad Abd Allah. Autonomic nervous disorders by Max Hilz, David Vodusek and Christopher J. Mathias. Organization in neurology by Alena Steflová, Pavel Kalvach, Martin Pospísil, Marie Kulakovská and Zdenek Vána.

All participants attended the morning presentations as well as the afternoon workshops. Two cultural events took place sponsored by Lundbeck A/S: a concert in a local church (organ, flute, guitar and a choir of blind singers) and a visit to the castle Melník, with cellar guide tour and dinner.
The course in numbers:
Applications: 121 from 18 countries
Participants: 95 from 17 countries
Countries: Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech R., Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine.

The first time in the history of the EFNS Academy a non European observer, Dr. Foad Abd Allah from Egypt, was invited and contributed worthfully to the meeting. The intention of the EFNS is to invite next time individual observers also from other Mediterranean countries in order to give examples of our educational activities also to other continents.

Quotations from participants:
„ our impressions are so great, that we could not help writing you. We appreciate..... the organization and management of the course, thank you very much for the useful informative teaching programme and special thanks for really friendly atmosphere, warm and caring attitude of all your co-workers....We are grateful .... to see your beautiful country and to touch a part of its spiritual culture and history". (I. Pashkova, Y. Sharakova, Belarus)

Quotations from teachers:
„...It was a real pleasure to lecture and work with young neurologists in Stare Splavy. ... a brilliant concept to thrill and stimulate young colleagues and create an atmosphere of friendship and team work. Congratulations! ......(Prof. Max Hilz, Erlangen, Germany)
„...as I already told you I was very impressed by an excellent organization of the Academy and the motivation of young neurologists. ..." (Prof. David Vodusek, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Magda Dohnalova, Pavel Kalvach, Prague