EFNS Spring School (former Academy)  
  Staré Splavy, Czech Republic 2011
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About this Academy

EFNS Academy for young neurologists, Staré Splavy, Czech Republic
May 12 – 15, 2011 – Final Report

The interest for participation in the annual EFNS Academy surpassed in this current 12th course all records from previous years. For our maximal capacity of 130 attendees more than 270 colleagues have applied. It was only with painful heart when we had to reject such a number of colleagues - not only of those asking for a repeated visite to the course, but also of those submitting their request the first time. Finally a great audience from 34 countries gathered in Hotel Bezd?z to listen to three and half days of scientific and on the last day also organizational presentations. Faculty members from 6 countries (Finland, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and Czech Republic) presented three 50 minute plenary lectures in the morning and provided three workshops for smaller groups in the afternoon.
As a sign of the importance of these courses to the EFNS, we were pleased to welcome our president Professor Richard Hughes, who remained with us for the whole duration of the academy. He lectured on the first day together with Professors Jean Michel Vallat (Limoges) and Davide Pareyson (Milan) on peripheral nerve diseases. The second day was devoted to cerebral blood flow and modern methods of measurement. Topics of Functional MRI, measurements of brain perfusion and diffusion and recent PET advances were demonstrated in detail by Daniela Cevolani (Bologna), Lauri Soinne (Helsinki) and Jan Sobesky (Berlin). The questions of diagnostic algorhythms and surgical solutions for different types of hydrocephalus were featured on day three. Altin Stafa (Bologna) discussed neuroradiology, Martin Smr?ka and Václav Vybíhal (Brno) focused on endoscopic procedures for hydrocephalus and Martin Same? and Tomá? Radovnick? (Ústí nad Labem) dealt with treatment of normal pressure hydrocephalus. All participants received syllabi of these valuable teaching topics on CD.
The last half day traditionally contained general topics of neurological practice and perspective: WHO priorities in brain and nerve diseases by Alena ?teflová, WHO representative, future prospects for junior neurologists in Europe, by Edina Varga, vice-president of the EAYNT, educational systems in neurosciences by Martin Pospí?il (Lundbeck) and neurology around the world, differences, education and perspectives, by Pavel Kalvach.
Besides the quality of the learning experience many participants were delighted to meet with new colleagues and contrast neurology and life in so many different countries. The generous spirit of the EFNS, which sponsors tution, board and accommodation in this course showed its impact on the general atmosphere. Due to another unrestricted grant from Lundbeck we had not only perfect technical equipment, but also an enjoyable cultural programme in the evenings. The participants included 2 colleagues from Tunisia, 1 from Syria, 2 from Morocco and 2 from Egypt, countries which are associate members of the EFNS in the spirit of sharing knowledge and education with Mediterranean and African countries.
In the performance of the course, the main part of its quality rested upon the precise preparations and a huge administrative work of Mrs Magda Dohnalová, who even engaged her husband and son in the technical provision of the event. We believe that the course fulfilled the intention declared at the opening ceremony to „Work for unforgettable memories“.

Post-course echos

Although my journey was short I highly enjoyed being there and sharing this wonderful meeting. I had a lot of interesting discussions with young colleagues and I very much liked the spirit of the session. It was great to contribute to this Academy.
Thanks again for this meeting
Jan Sobesky

It was for me a beautiful and very interesting experience.
Altin Stafa

It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity of participating in the EFNS Academy and to find so many young neurologists from different countries and so interested in learning! I am glad they enjoyed the talks. Thank you again for your kind hospitality and many wishes for all your activities and for the Czech Republic as well.
Davide Pareyson

….. I enjoyed very much.
It was an exciting experience for me, to form part of the teaching staff of your course.
Many congratulations for your course, which was very much appreciated by all participants.
All the best
Daniela Cevolani

The basic idea of having an academic curriculum and a get-together for young neurologist colleagues is just great and commendable, and you sure did an excellent job to make it work for the participants with just about perfect and thoughtful arrangements.
Lauri Soinne


Thank you very much for extremely friendly and very useful Academy 2011. Only after communication with other young neurologists I understood how it is important and useful.
Jan Fris, Moscow

First I would like to thank you again for organizing the EFNS Academy. The lectures were very interesting and the venue was great.

Veronica Popescu, Amsterdam