EFNS Spring School (former Academy)  
  Staré Splavy, Czech Republic 2009
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About this Academy

EFNS Academy for Young Neurologists

10th course, May 14-17, 2009, Hotel Bezdez, Staré Splavy, Czech Republic

The run of the Academy 2009 closed the first decade of these, already traditional, educational events. We are proud to say, that in total already more than 900 colleagues participated within these 10 years. In the faculty altogether almost 100 lecturers from European countries and 1 from USA delivered their presentations and discussed details in the afternoon workshops.

This year Academy had 3 main topics in consecutive days: Epilepsy, Neuromuscular disorders and Neurodegenerative disorders. In the additional morning session on Sunday the audience was informed on organizational topics of neurosciences: present stay and perspectives. A lecture on WHO care and intentions in neurological and psychiatric branches was delivered by a WHO representative Dr Steflova, a review of Neurological Services around the world and on Neurological education was given by Prof. Kalvach and Educational systems of hierarchic seminars were presented by ing Pospisil.

Participants came from 20 countries, including 3 from Africa. The following number of attendees applied from the particular countries: Albania 1, Belarus 3, Bulgaria 1, Croatia 2, Czech Republic 12, Denmark 4, Egypt 3, Georgia 3, Hungary, 1, Italy 1, Lithuania 1, Moldova 6, Poland 8, Romania 20, Russia 18, Serbia 2, Slovakia 5, Syria 2, Tunisia 2, Turkey 2, Ukraine 18, Uzbekistan 2.

The main topics were covered by 10 speakers, from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary and United Kingdom. In the Epilepsy day diagnostic topics, imaging, neuromodulation, EEG, practical treatment, presurgical evaluation and surgical techniques were presented by professors Paul Boon, Hermann Stefan and Kristl Vonck. Neuromuscular disorders - dysimmune neuropathies, myasthenia gravis, muscular dystrophies, EMG and management of multiple mononeuropathy - were covered by Jean-Marc Legér, Peter Dioszeghy and Jean Pouget. The approach to Degenerative disorders was presented in several aspects: Historical points to understanding dementia, deliberations on goldstandard for neuropathological diagnosis of dementias, differential diagnosis, cognitive functions assessment, mixed dementias and relation of dementias to movement disorders. Topics were elaborated by professors Thomas Bak, Stavros Baloyannis, Kurt Jellinger and Pavel Kalvach.
In the words of lecturers attendees were perfectly concentrated to the topics and their discussions in the workshops were outstanding. After dilligent scientific sessions two evenings were devoted to cultural programme: In the church of the nearby Doxy a choir of blind singers "Vokál klub SONS" provided concert of medieval and religious songs. On Saturday evening participants enjoyed visit to the Lou?e? castle and a dinner in its banqueting hall. The last afternoon of Sunday was devoted to the traditional trip to Prague. Perfect organization by Mrs Magda Dohnalová and her husband harvested appreciation by both the participants and the faculty.
Similarly as in the previous courses, a great asset of the meeting was its wonderful collegeal atmosphere.

Some words of evaluation after the course:

The Academy for Young Neurologists was so excellently organized that you merit many congratulations.
Prof. Stavros Baloyannis

We enjoyed the atmosphere and the organisation of the Academy very much. Congratulations with such a positive initiative with all these enthusiastic and smart young people.
Prof. Paul Boon

Thanks for your phantastic hospitality in Stare Splavy! It was a
pleasure to come and to discuss with you and the many young
neurologists current problems.
Prof. Kurt Jellinger

Thank a lot for the great opportunity to attend the EFNS Academy for Young Neurologists. It was an excellently organized teaching course and acquired knowledge improved our professional qualification.
Dr. Olga Schiopu and Dr. Alexandru Grumeza, Moldova

Let me say many-many thank you again for this year EFNS Academy - there was interesting and useful program, and I will not forget the choir in the Doksy church, so amazing and heartfelt.
Dr Alexandra Botsina, Russia